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Being ‘future proof’ means taking a long-term view

The world has transitioned from a period of relative predictability into a new age of heightened uncertainty and fragility. No sooner do we get a handle on one situation, and the next one is already following in its wake. And 2022 was no exception.

picture Investment in Trensition means investing in the future

Investment in Trensition means investing in the future


AI and Human strategic intelligence: a party of two

The world will continue to change, so we must adapt and move with it. As we stimulate every corner of our Group to think long-term, we continuously provide them with key-insights on trends impacting our stakeholders and our business, through our unique Horizon Scan exercise.

Are you ready for the most impactful trends on the horizon?

If you are curious about what the future might hold, then read on! Out of the 139 trends Ageas scanned in 2022, these are a few of the standouts identified by our AI engine and human survey that will likely drive transformational change across our industry.

picture Surfing the waves of change

Surfing the waves of change