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Médis launches a new health product to help customers in difficult times

2022 will be remembered as the year when many unexpected factors came together at the same time to create an unprecedented period of stress for so many people. Rising interest rates, inflation, and the unfolding energy crisis are having a profound impact on the lives of our customers, and this will likely be the case through 2023. 

Médis launches a new health product to help customers in difficult times

Today more than ever, healthcare needs to be accessible and affordable to all and this led to Ageas Portugal Group reviewing its product range to see what kinds of adaptations could be made to their offering to meet the needs of customers at a time when the financial stress of paying premiums alongside other expenses is acute. 

Ageas Portugal Group launched a new healthcare offer “Médis Light” to ensure that all Portuguese people can have healthcare access at an affordable price. The offer comes at a lower premium but also with scaled back benefits compared to the full healthcare offer, however it potentially provides vital healthcare cover to all. Bundled with Médis Dental, the cover also provides additional dental benefits. 

For a reduced monthly premium, customers can have access to a series of benefits from Médis including a remote doctor, ambulance assistance, hospitalisation subsidy, family discount, assistance services and others. 

Since the launch, the product led to +9,000 new insured persons added to the portfolio