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Inclusivity features strongly in new office locations in Portugal

In 2022, Ageas Portugal Group inaugurated its two new buildings: Ageas Tejo in Lisbon in March and Ageas Douro in Porto in July 2022. Both buildings are fully adapted to the new way of working and focused on environmental concerns, sustainability, and social responsibility. 

Ageas Portugal Group aims at becoming a positive reference in social inclusion in Portugal. In that sense, Ageas Portugal Group has partnered with social associations for its catering area of both buildings. As an example:

Inclusivity features strongly in new office locations in Portugal
  • Café Joyeux, Ageas Tejo in Lisbon Joyeux is the first solidarity and inclusive café/restaurants chain created in France in 2017. The café employs and trains young adults with intellectual and development difficulties. Its goal is to promote the intellectual differences by gathering and sharing and that they become part of our lives and cities. 
  • Crescer Restaurant, Ageas Tejo in Lisbon  In collaboration with the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School and the IEFP, Crescer aims to train and provide employment to people in vulnerable situations to help improve their living conditions and to allow them to play an active role in the labour market and society. 
  • SAOM, Ageas Douro in Porto  The catering area of Ageas Douro in Porto includes a cafeteria, a restaurant, a self-service area accessible to all and is managed by the organisation SAOM. SAOM is a charity founded in 1976 and a reference in social inclusion in the food sector, which is in line with the Ageas Portugal Group's commitment to their values Care and Dare.

These organisations entered the regular evaluation process for procurement and distinguish themselves for the quality of the meals produced and for inclusion. These collaborations demonstrate that together we can go further and be the supporter of the lives of all members in society.