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Helping customers to live a more sustainable life!

As part of its plan to put sustainability at the heart of everything it does, Ageas Portugal Group is developing through a range of different activities ways to incentivise more sustainable behaviours and choices among its customers and other stakeholders.

Helping customers to live a more sustainable life!

People make decisions every day that have a potentially negative impact on themselves and the world at large. So, in collaboration with the environmental organisation Quercus, Ageas Portugal Group decided to launch an initiative that aims to help customers to pause and reflect on their actions: “Um Minuto para a Vida” (One Minute for Life). In 2022, together they created a series of short educational videos, of only one minute, related to environmental issues, health, and wellbeing. 

It is about making the right choices. And this video series explains in a simple and clear way how people can make choices that contribute to a healthier lifestyle while also reducing costs. The time has never been more important for both. 

Through social media channels and the website, these videos have been viewed by thousands of Portuguese people and Ageas Portugal Group employees. As well as creating awareness on the impact of climate change on health, the videos also shared tips on how to save water, ways to improve the thermal comfort of homes without major expenses and ideas on adapting to more sustainable mobility solutions.

Quercus is a Portuguese environmental organisation founded in 1985 and acts by creating awareness around the environmental problems countries face, presenting more environmentally friendly options in a solutions-focused approach.