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Aksigorta offers a single view of risk thanks to new Mobile App

When Aksigorta launched its new mobile App in 2022 it did so with the intention of making it easier to manage the risks in your life in one place and at one time, accepting that not all those risks are necessarily covered by Aksigorta. It is all about convenience and seeing the whole rather than component parts in different places. Around 350.000 people have already downloaded the App with some 70,000 active monthly users and an application store rating 4,0. 

Aksigorta offers a single view of risk thanks to new Mobile App

Aksigorta Mobile is a human-oriented ecosystem built on the principles of Trust, Simplicity and Companionship. The App is distinguished by features such as video risk consultancy, brand collaborations for risk management, one-click live chat with the claims advisor, and the potential to track different company policies from a single platform. 

With unique features such as “Visual Risk Advisor” customers can gain a better understanding of their policies but more important the assets secured by these policies. And for those who want to take advantage of face-to-face advice, video calls with risk consultants are on offer, with some 1,200 already held with a satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5. 

For all customers the process of making a claim has never been easier. With just a few clicks, each stage of the process can be tracked. No more hanging on the phone to talk to someone. The App allows customers to upload missing documents and make contact with the right person at every stage of the claims process. A claims consultancy team has also been established within the call centre, increasing our accessibility and visible through self-service channels. Customers can communicate with the claims consultants via live chat and can quickly access the detailed information held on file whenever they want. So far more than 13.000 claim files have been handled with a satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5."

Customers using the App can also take advantage of special discounts on products and services of associated brands. More than 50,000 customers have benefitted from this feature. But making insurance easy is what matters. Through the App the world of Aksigorta is available at your fingertips. Customers can view all contracted services and even pharmacies on duty.

And if you still need help – ADA, the innovative digital assistant is always on hand to help and have a chat!