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AgeSA launches holistic and flexible fund consultancy service

When FonPro was first launched as a standalone mobile app, its primary function was to provide fund suggestions. But overtime, FonPro has evolved to what is today a complete holistic fund consultancy service available to existing customers via AgeSA Mobile, the Call Centre and direct communication tools. The service is considered one of the most advanced in the Turkish market and it has already attracted more than 100,000 online users

AgeSA launches holistic and flexible fund consultancy service

But why now? 

The evolution towards a fund consultancy service reflects an interesting trend in the Turkish market. Customers are increasingly looking at their pension pots as more than just a traditional way to save but also as an investment opportunity. And AgeSA recognised that this evolution from savings to investment opened an opportunity to introduce a new advisory service that helps customers better understand the potential and options available to them in an investment context. 

In 2022 new services were added to the FonPro offering incorporating three distinct packages geared to the customers’ various levels of financial literary. These were developed to reflect what we saw as the customer ‘pain points’. And using valuable customer insights we were able to see where the need for greater interaction and direction was most needed, developing solutions that reflect these needs. 

The service offering includes: 

  1. FonPro Manage Yourself: where customers with good levels of financial literacy may choose investment funds themselves. AgeSA provides support by sharing updated information about financial markets via e-mail, and the mobile app regularly.
  2. FonPro Get Advice: here customers can obtain basket fund suggestions according to their risk profile that they identify with the help of a short questionnaire. This service is accessed through the mobile app and the call centre.
  3. FonPro Leave it to the Experts: geared to Pension customers whose preference is to not get involved in fund management directly. Here decisions are made on their behalf by our portfolio managers. Their savings are invested in a lifecycle fund best matched to their age and risk profile.