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Ageas Group becomes CO2 neutral in its own operations

The Group reached an important milestone in its climate journey, paving the path towards net zero by achieving CO2 neutrality in its own operations. The efforts were recognised through the CO2 neutral label granted by CO2 Logic.

Ageas Group becomes CO2 neutral in its own operations

This recognition reflects a number of specific measures put in place over the past two years which has resulted in a lower emission and environmental footprint across the Group. These include:

Specific measures put in place

  • A thorough review of our lease car policies, promoting the use of hybrid and electric cars. 
  • Through an initiative known as ‘[email protected] Together’ Ageas fundamentally changed the way it works, adapting the organisational and work environment, and promoting more teleworking. 
  • New travel policies resulted in less travel. 
  • The Group moved to green electricity. 
  • In Portugal and Belgium, Ageas is embracing a new and sustainable way of working, relocating to new buildings with BREAAM certificates.

The cumulative impact of these initiatives is a halving of emissions compared to 2019 and a 9% reduction compared to 2020. And if you want to get technical: we moved from tCO2e 30K to tCO2e 15k scope on scope, also influenced by the Covid-pandemic which accelerated this reduction.

But we’re not done there. While we will continue to reduce structurally our emissions, we have engaged in certified carbon reduction and removal initiatives like financing woodstoves, improving water efficiency, or planting new trees, supporting projects in Africa, Brazil, and India, all of which have been certified and audited by an external party. 

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